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Meet the Maker Monday with Katie

July 13, 2020

It’s Monday! Time for another Meet the Maker and this week we want to introduce you to Katie! Katie is the one behind all of our blog posts, social media and web content (and currently writing this blog post) So allow me to introduce myself! My name is Katie. I have been working at Great Pretenders for about 3 months now and am loving every minute of it! It is so fun to work in the toy industry and connect with all of you via social media. I hope you are loving these Meet the Maker videos as much as we are loving filming them for you!


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Lindsay: Hi everyone! We’re here today at Great Pretenders and we are talking with Katie. We’re doing some filing and working hard today! She’s going to talk to us about her job here! Take it away Katie! What is your role here and what do you do? 

Katie: I am our Web Content Administrator, and I manage our e-commerce store. I also do a lot of our social media and our digital marketing!


Lindsay: And have long have you worked here?!

Katie: I’ve been here for about 3 months now!

My very favourite childhood memory would be playing Barbies all day long in our window. You could find me here everyday all day long! 


Lindsay: Awesome! What does your day to day activities look like?

Katie: My day mostly consists of planning our social media, writing our blog posts and and doing a lot of our digital marketing!

Lindsay: And is that super fun?

Katie: Yes! I really enjoy it!


Lindsay: It sounds fun! What was it like to start your job immediately when COVID began?

Katie: So I was in the office for about one day before the mandatory work from home order. It was very strange because I didn’t know anyone in the office yet. I didn’t know who had what role or who to ask for things when collaborating. It’s really weird to start a job working from home, and not know anyone on the team! But we are back in the office now and it feels great to be able to work as a team!


Lindsay: What is one product that you wish Great Pretenders carried?

Katie: When I was little I used to obsess over these plastic ‘tappy’ shoes. Me and my sister always used to call them tappy shoes because we would tap around the house in them all day long. They were like princess shoes and I would love to see those make a comeback!


Lindsay: I know exactly what you’re talking about! Like the clear ones with a little strap! They were really cute!

What is your favourite part about working here?! 

Katie: I love that it forces me to think about all my good childhood memories! When I’m sitting at my desk writing a blog post, I get to think about all the fun I had as a kid and reminisce and I love it!


What is your favourite Great Pretenders product?

I would have to choose our sticker earrings! Only because I had a lot of those when I was a kid and I would obsess over them! They bring back so many great memories of dress up for me!


Thanks for joining us this week Katie! Stay tuned for more interviews from our team every Monday!



Pajamas and Barbies all day? What better combo?! 
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