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Encouraging Productive Screen time with Kids

July 10, 2020

How to Reduce Screen Time & Encourage Productive Screen time with Kids

In a world where everything (and I mean everything!) is gravitating towards digital technology, it is important to remember a time before digital technology was so popular. Many people believe it was truly a simpler time without it. It is important to remember to limit yourself to screen time because too much screen time can cause inconsistent sleep patterns, trouble focusing and can cause headaches. This is true for children too!

Too much screen time for children can have negative effects on a child’s development and overall well-being. It is important as parents remember to limit your child’s screen time or encourage productive screen time in your household. Here are our tips for doing so!

Tip: Schedule screen free time into your child’s day. Summer is a prefect time to enforce this house rule too! Take the iPad away and turn off the TV. It is time to go outside and play! Use this screen free opportunity to teach them a life skill or learn something new! Like how to garden or fix something around the house. As a young adult, I can definitely say learning simple things from my parents is something I have absolutely grown to appreciate!

It is also recommended to remove screens from your children’s bedrooms! It will urge to truly unwind and reflect on their day. It will also help to create regular sleep patterns!


5 Activities To Reduce Screen Time in your Home

  1. Cooking Lesson- Involve your kids in the dinner or dessert making process! Learning to bake truthfully helped me understand fractions in math class so this is something I highly recommend.
  2. Read a book- Reading expands your vocabulary & develop their imagination. It is also a great way to relax before bed.
  3. Art lesson- You don’t need much for an art lesson! Some side walk chalk? Maybe some window markers? Let your child explore their creativity with multiple mediums!
  4. Try an organized sport-Get your kids moving, focusing on team work and honing in on a new skill!
  5. Play pretend!- This is undoubtedly our favourite recommendation! Dressup and encouraging imagination in your children is just a wonderful thing!! They get to reenact their favourite movies and explore the world and it’s endless possibilities at a young age.


What is productive screen time?

Productive screen time can mean introducing apps that are educational or interact with your children, as opposed to simply watching endless amounts of Youtube on their iPad. (or falling into the Tik Tok rabbit hole... I am even guilty of this) We have gathered a list of our favourite apps that introduce science, tech, engineering and math (STEM) to your little ones. With digital technology on the rise, STEM activities are a great way to introduce learning new concepts and have become the foundation for higher learning.


5 Apps We Love for Encouraging Productive Screen Time!

  1. Crazy Gears- This app takes a new look at puzzles! Crazy gears is recommended for ages 6-8, and will teach your child how different mechanisms affect one another when constructing a machine. This app is even fun for mom and dad! ($3.99)


  1. Goldiebox: Adventures in coding- This app costs $3.99 but it is a great way to introduce children 4+ to coding concepts with maps and mini games.


  1. Monster Math For Kids- This app is designed to help your child practive over 67 math skills including geometry, addition, subtraction, prime numbers, fractions and for much more! It is a fun and engaging way for kids in grades K-5 to practice their math!



  1. Play and Learn Science- Designed by PBS Kids, the Play and Learn Science app contains a suite of educational games for kid! This app also provides parents with‘co-learning’ prompts that offer ways to create teachable moments that help kids see how science is a part of the world around them!” HOW COOL!? Go PBS Kids!!



  1. The Robot Factory by Tinybop- Winner of iPad App of the Year and Parent’s Choice Gold, this app is an ‘open-ended construction kit for kids to build, test and play!’ You can build any robot you can dream of and then send the robot via text message to share with friends and family!

Reducing screen time for your kids means that parents should practice reducing theirs too! Use this designated screen free time to connect with your children and set a great example for them. There are also some great apps for parents to practice productive screen time as well! Let us know your favourite in the comments!

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