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Meet the Maker Monday with Twyla

July 20, 2020

Happy Monday everyone! Through our Meet the Maker Monday, you have met a lot our team and we hope you are loving learning little pieces of the people behind our production as much as I am! This week, we want to introduce you to Twyla. As you will learn, Twyla is the Executive Assistant to the President, Joyce Keelan and she has been here for only 2 years. I say ‘only’ because this shocked me! Twyla truthfully helps helps run our operations so smoothly that I thought she has been part of the team for nearly 10 years! 


Lindsay: Hi everyone! We’re here again today for another Meet the Maker Monday at Great Pretenders. Today we have Twyla with us! Take it away Twyla, how long have you worked here and what is your role?

Twyla: I have worked here just shy of 2 years, and I am the Executive Assistant to the President of Creative Education.

Lindsay: How is working at Great Pretenders different from other jobs that you’ve had?

Twyla: So, I have never worked somewhere where we make what we sell here, and I find that absolutely fascinating. I love the oodles of fabric, and all the little notions and the thought process that goes behind it all is absolutely amazing.

Lindsay: And seeing the whole process from beginning to end! So Twyla, what is something you really love about working here?

Twyla: No day is exactly the same.

Lindsay: Haha, nothing is boring! 

Twyla: It’s not! I like that I am a part of every department. Yes, I am Joyce’s assistant, but I know what is going on in every department and I am allowed to help out in areas where in the past, I never would have been able to help out in. It is fantastic! I really enjoy that!

Lindsay: I enjoy that too! We know that your significant other also works at Great Pretenders. What is it like working together?

Twyla: Well, it’s not new for us. We have worked together in the past. Although, it has been a good 12 years since we’ve worked together. It’s fun! We have lunch together, we save money because we carpool. So I like that. But the flip side of that is that work doesn’t really end when we walk out the door. When you go home, normal couples ask their spouse how their day was.. well, we already know how each others day was. There is a little bit more work to leave work to leave work at work.

 Lindsay: That’s true! So, what is your favourite Great Pretenders product and what products have you bought as gifts for friends or family? What’s on your list!

Twyla: My absolute favourite Great Pretenders product is the Jasmine Princess set. I remember seeing the sample that the girls made downstairs and I said “*GASP* Can you make that in my size?! Will you please make that in my size?! PLEASE!” hahah, they were like “no. It’s not gonna happen” But I LOVE that set! My niece’s birthday is around Halloween, so she is getting that for her birthday.

Lindsay: Is this going to be a spoiler alert?

Twyla: Oh probably not! She wont watch this. Her mother might! But that’s okay. 

Lindsay: That’s awesome!

Twyla: Oh yes, and she’ll look fabulous! But anyways, as for things that I have bought.. that Jasmine Princess set! Hahaha, but I have also purchased quite a lot of dinosaur capes. Dinosaurs seem to be the running theme for the tiny humans in my life. But everything has been loved by them so it’s great!

Lindsay: *laughter* Well thank you for chatting with us Twyla! Thanks you for watching everyone! Have a great day! See you next week! 


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