Great Pretenders Presents: 30 Days of Pretend Play - FEATURING DOUGLAS TOYS FOR DINOSAUR WEEK

Great Pretenders Presents: 30 Days of Pretend Play - FEATURING DOUGLAS TOYS FOR DINOSAUR WEEK

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We know being stuck at home can be hard. We also know that coming up with learning activities that both keep your child interested and help with their learning can be difficult too! 


Our Team at Great Pretenders is partnering with four esteemed co-host partners in the month of April to celebrate 30 Days of Pretend Play! 

We have gathered a month's worth of creative learning and fun contests for your little ones!  Follow us to see who we partner with each week for more exciting giveaways!

We have put together four weekly fun themes that will include three days of math, english, art or science activities related to each theme. Our first partner for week 1 is Douglas Toys  from Keene, New Hampshire.  Douglas Toys has been a family-owned and operated business since 1956 and has become one of the oldest and most respected plush companies in the United States.  

Have your children answer our related interview questions below! To enter our weekly giveaway, you must submit a video interview of your child to our team before Friday at noon, OR for the camera shy contestant, your child’s favorite printable from our weekly download, coloured in to the best of their artistic ability! Please include the child’s age on submission. Giveaway winners will be announced each Friday at 2pm EST. Each week we will choose one American & one Canada winner.

Our 30 Days of Pretend Play is intended to help parents structure their days around open-ended play and encourage new ways of learning.  


April 6th-10th is Dinosaur Week! 

 This week giveaway includes:

  • Plush Dinosaur Toys from Douglas Toys
  • Your choice of one of our Great Pretenders Dinosaur capes & our Colour-A-Cape dragon cape with markers! *pictured below

    During these overwhelming times, the best thing you can do for your child is to keep their minds actively engaged. Make sure not to miss out on this week's dinosaur learning materials to keep learning fun! This package includes Math, English and Art, designed for grades K-2. Accessing the content is easy. Press the “add to cart” tab & continue with the checkout process. The FREE content will be directly emailed to you.

     Dinosaur reading lists:





     This weeks interview questions:

    • What sound did dinosaurs make?
    • If you had a pet dinosaur, what would he be named?
    • What colour were T-Rex dinosaurs?
    • If your mom or dad were a dinosaur, what colour would they be and why?
    • How long ago did Dinosaurs walk the earth? 

    BONUS: Post a video of your child pronouncing Cretaceous :-) 


    Giveaway Rules:

    1. Follow @grtpretendersand @douglastoys on Instagram
    2. Submit a video of your child answering these interview questions to marketing@creative-edu.comwith the subject line "Dinosaur Week Video Submission" for a chance to win this weeks giveaway! 

      OR for the camera shy contestant, your child’s favourite printable from our weekly download (art day), coloured in to the best of their artistic ability! Please include the child’s age on submission.  

      Please indicate whether you are American or Canadian as we will be choosing one winner from each country of residence.   *your email will be used for marketing in the future, if you do not wish to be sent sale and promotions, please indicate in the email. 



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