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Great Pretenders Presents: 30 Days of Pretend Play - FEATURING PLAN TOYS FOR COOKING WEEK

April 13, 2020

Great Pretenders is excited to introduce WEEK 2 of our 30 Days of Pretend Play, featuring PLAN TOYS. This week's theme cooking! 

Cooking provides opportunities for self-discovery in Math, Science, Literacy & fine motor skills in a non-traditional learning environment where mistakes can be made and getting messy is encouraged. Our 30 Days of Pretend Play is intended to help parents structure their days around open-ended play & encourage new ways of learning. So dust off those aprons, because this week we will be providing cooking lessons designed for grades K-2. Accessing the content is easy. Press the “add to cart” tab & continue with the checkout process. The FREE content will be directly emailed to you.

Cooking reading lists & learning materials:



Along with providing FREE content, we are proud to partner with PlanToys from Thailand by way of their Sacramento, CA office. Plan Toys is a premier, sustainably manufactured wooden toy company.  Plan Toys has been creating safe, non-toxic, heirloom toys since 1981 and leading the movement for eco-conscious manufacturing and design in toys around the world.

 This week giveaway includes:

  • Sustainable Kitchen set from Plan Toys USA
  • Your choice of one of our Great Pretenders Colour-An-Apron and a matching Colour-An-Apron for your favourite doll!




 This weeks reflection questions:

  • Name one way you can stay safe in the kitchen?
  • Why is it important to wash your hands before and after cooking?
  • Why should an adult be present while using the stove?
  • Can you name the 4 food groups?


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