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Screen Free at Home Activities: Easter Edition

April 01, 2021

We've got four activities that you can do with your kids this Easter long weekend. A great way to get your kids involved in some screen free activities.


How to dye eggs for Easter with shaving cream and food coloring:

See how easy and fun it is to dye eggs for Easter with shaving cream and food coloring. An easy DIY craft tutorial idea perfect for Easter.


Here are the supplies that you need:

  • Plastic Containers
  • Shaving Cream or Cool Whip
  • Food Dye
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Water

Begin with the containers you are going to use. Fill the containers with foam shaving cream, You can substitute cool whip for the eggs to be edible after dying. Add drops of food coloring to the shaving cream. Place the hard-boiled eggs into the mixture. Now it is time to stir.


Set the containers aside and leave them for at least 10 minutes. Once the time is up, rinse the eggs under cold water.


Make your own Easter sponge stamps:

These Easter sponge stamps are a fun afternoon activity for the kids!


Here are the supplies that you need:

  • Plain Sponges
  • Strong Scissors
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Acrylic Paint
  • White Cardstock
  • Paper Plate or Plate (for stamping the sponges in with the paint)


Begin this project by drawing out your signs on the sponges with a sharpie. Once these are complete, you can start cutting out your stamps. It can be difficult to get the round shapes when cutting the sponges, but once the shape is cut out you can go back and round out the edges with the scissors.


Now it's time to use your stamps. You can paint the stamps directly with paint or you can dip the stamps in the paint. Make sure the full stamp gets covered and doesn't have too much paint on it before stamping.


Easter Peeps Science Experiment


Peeps are a classic holiday candy, especially at Easter. If you'd like to find something to do with your Easter Peeps that doesn't involve eating them, try using them for an Easter science experiment.


Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Easter Peeps
  • Three Glasses
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Clear Soda


To begin, place one peep each into the bottom of the three glasses. Then fill each glass with a different liquid.

If your kids are old enough, have them make a prediction about what will happen to each peeps as they sit in the liquid.

Wait two days to check on your peeps again. How did your predictions compare to what actually happened to the peeps?


Easter Egg Slime



Have you tried making slime or silly putty yet? We had some fun making this Easter Egg Slime that fits into little Easter eggs.


Here are the supplies you will need:

  • 3/4 Cup of White Glue
  • 1½ Tablespoon ofContact Lens Solution (must contain boric acid)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • Glitter (Optional)
  • Food Coloring
  • 1/4 Cup of Water (optional for more stretch)


To start, get a mixing bowl for all of the ingredients. Pour the glue into the bowl and add the baking soda. Mix thoroughly. If you would like a more stretchy slime, add water.

Next, slowly add in the contact lens solution. Knead and mix thoroughly before adding more as you do not want to add too much or your slime will be too hard.

Mix until your slime forms and begins to harden. Keep kneading until you get your desired consistency. At this point you can add glitter or food coloring if you want.



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