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Great Pretenders Personalization

You Can Have Your Logo For Only

At time of purchase, adding your logo to your product is a very effective form of advertising and increases customer engagement with your brand. With a very low MOQ of only 100 pieces, this continual form of advertising will outperform any other method at a fraction of the price. Our friendly customer service team is ready to help you start making an investment in your store with every sale!

1. Select Your Items

Capes:  One of the best sellers in personalization, capes offer  great visibility, along with multiple logo placement options. Capes are a strong performer for marketing your logo without overtaking the garment's purpose. 

Bodysuits: These are sure to get attention with beautiful colours and shimmering material. Stretchable material calls for a stretchable imprint so your logo won't crack or come loose. We have you covered with these high value items, as they serve for the foundations of many dress up ensembles. From tutus to wings, these bodysuits are a great base, and a strong visual performer for your brand.  

Dresses/Gowns: The cream of the crop for your logo. Our beautiful gowns and dresses are favourites of shoppers for their quality and style. Your logo will be framed by the best dresses and gowns in the market, providing a quality image of both your store and services to your customers.

Accessories: Easy to wear at any time, accessories like crowns are great for individual or party wear at birthdays. Your logo works perfectly on these items, as it receives more visibility per square inch without overtaking the purpose of the accessory. 

Mix And Match! Get the best of all options by mixing and matching your orders! Your MOQ of 100 SKU's can be divided between any number of options to best suit the selling patterns of your store. Not sure what to start with? We have package options that are proven sellers to help get you started. Contact us today to get started on this exciting new marketing option for your store!

2. Provide Your Logo

Our customer service department is standing by to help you with your logo. A high resolution is necessary, and our service and graphic department teams are ready to assist. Vector files like Illustrator, EPS or Corel Draw files are great for your logo. PDF's also work well when saved at the "Best" setting. If you have a graphic image like a JPG or PNG, just make sure they are saved at 300 dpi resolution and are at least 3 inches long on their shortest side. This doesn't mean it will look best to print your logo that size, but reducing the file is much better than trying to make it bigger. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are also able to help you create your logo if you don't have a copy to send, additional charges may apply. 

Contact Us Today To Start Marketing Your Store By Putting Your Logo On Products Your Customers Already Love!