• Parent Hacks to Make Caring for a Toddler Simpler

    May 7, 2016

    Parent hacks are meant to make your life a little easier. And when is the time you need hacks the most? The crazy toddler years!

    toddler photo
    A parent hack is any tip that  makes your life as a parent a little easier. It can be as simple as putting the ketchup under your toddler's hot dog to minimize the mess; trapping your baby into a forward-facing carrier when you need to trim her fingernails; or stashing your wallet and keys in a clean disposable diaper at the beach, because who would ever poke through what looks like a used diaper?

    Parent hacks are essential for toddler years when your little ones are balls of energy constantly on the go, and sometimes the only way to keep up with them is to tweak how you do this or how you manage that. Here are a few tricks inspired by site Parent Hacks.

    1. Bedtime

    Place a rolled-up towel or a pool noodle under the fitted sheet on the edge of the bed to keep your little one from rolling out.

    2. Screen time

    Limit TV time by starting shows in the middle. Toddlers typically don't notice!

    3. Mealtime

    Active toddlers need more mealtime coverage than a small bib provides. Slip a large T-shirt over your kid's clothes as a washable smock. Peel it off when the meal's over and wash it as usual, or if you're on the go, seal it in a Ziploc bag to wash later. It definitely helps!

    4. Dining out

    Keep your toddler entertained in the coffee shop by turning cardboard cup sleeves into "superhero arm cuffs" or "spy goggles."

    6. Chores

    Give your toddler a damp microfiber cloth and let him dust and wipe down surfaces. Or encourage pretend play - arm them with a cape and a cloth and send them on an empowering journey! Plus it makes them feel involved in household jobs.

    7. Shopping

    To minimize kids' repeated request for toys, suggest they make a request for Santa later.

    Thanks for the inspirations! 

  • Our Products are Proudly Made In Canada

    May 7, 2016

    "At Great Pretenders, we are very proud to design all of our products and manufacture a significant portion of them in Canada. Producing locally is meaningful to our company and our community - we want to be leaders in bringing manufacturing back to North America. We know that for every 30 people we hire inNorth America, there are another 120 people that also benefit locally from raw material suppliers to truck drivers.

    Since we know how to construct a dress up outfit, we use our expertise to design high quality, soft, size flexible and machine washable products that survive lots of happy pretend play time. Our talented team is adept at designing and quickly manufacturing products that offer great designs, great quality and great value!" - Pat Willmot, President

    We recently had the pleasure of CTV London stop by to spotlight our factory, employees and chat why it's important to support and shop local! Click below to view.

    Ctv london great pretenders

  • Limited Time: Use SPRING15 to receive 15% off

    April 16, 2016

    Spring is here!

    And we have great news for pretend play lovers. Just in time for spring play, you can use the code SPRING15 during your check out from to receive 15% off.

    sale great pretenders code

  • Join us at the Yard Sale in Point Edward!

    April 16, 2016

    Every year several of our employees participate in a yard sale selling discontinued product from Great Pretenders. It is part of a community wide sale and falls on May 7th this year!

    For those who are local to Sarnia and surrounding area, we hope that you can make it out... products start at $5.

    Sarnia Sale

    Date: May 7th 2016
    Event Time 07:00 to 12:00
    Address 210 Alexandra Avenue, Point Edward, ON N7V 1C4, Canada
    Huge Garage Blow out Sale!
    Local Business Clear out of Children's Dress Up, including fairies, princesses, wings, wands, costume jewelry, knights, kings, and many other special items.
    Don't miss out on this!! Come early, quantities won't last.

    Sarnia Sale

    The funds will be donated to causes that are important to our employees such as the Juvenile Diabetes. 

    Hope to see you there!

    Sarnia Sale

  • Charity Spotlight: The Family Project

    April 2, 2016
    We are ecstatic to support The Family Project! The Family Album Project is a nonprofit organization with a goal of keeping photographs alive within the family. The organization bring mobile photography studio to your site and provide individuals and families with an instant professional quality print at no cost. These services are provides to those that otherwise would not have access to a professional photographer. It's an amazing initiative that are honoured to donate our products to!We had a chance to catch up with Virginia Becker, the charity organizer to share more on this wonderful initiative.
    the family project
    Can you tell me more about the charity?
    It is the goal of The Family Album Project to provide free professional portrait photography to those that would not otherwise have access to this service.  We believe that we are rapidly losing the hard copy print.  We are taking pictures with our cell phones and cameras, sharing them digitally through social media, then losing them to "some place" in our computers.  By providing people with the hard copy print, we are helping to restore the family album concept. It is important that these pictures are not only enjoyed by this generation, but future generations to follow.

    How did you get involved?

    I helped put together the service for an elderly woman that passed away. As we were going through her shoe boxes of pictures, we all noticed that there were virtually no pictures of her or her family for the past 10 years.  It was then that I realized that we have all but stopped printing family pictures.  After that event, I took my first steps to create The Family Album Concept.  Each year we give away no less than 10,000 free print portraits.
    the family project
    Who are the children that you work with?
    We work with a variety of children.  Some live in low income apartments.  Some live in battered woman's shelters.  Some are staying at The Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. Some are in hospice care.  Some are in foster care.

    What is the role of pretend play in working with these charities?

    Pretending to be someone else, if only for a moment, allows the child to be that person and live in that magical world.  When a child puts on a costume, for that moment, they don't have cancer or they live in a castle, or they can fly like a butterfly. Without the costume, they live in their reality.  The reality of illness or poverty or abuse.  The costume takes them out of that situation.

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