• Family Spotlight: Two Boys and a Hubby

    July 10, 2016

    Meet Two Boys and a Hubby! This month we feature the mastermind behind blog Two Boys and a Hubby. 

    two boys and a hubby mommy blogger

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  • What chores should your child do (based on their age)?

    July 3, 2016

    Children love to help out! They love to feel included in our daily lives and feel like they are contributing to "adult activities".

    Engaging your child in a chore helps them develop practical life skills. It goes without saying, that these chores should always be supervised by an adult.

    Some things to keep in mind as you engage your child into these chores - don't force the child; look for child sized items such as brooms; keep the movements and their pace slow; let go of perfection and make it fun!

    Here is a list of age appropriate chores for children (click on infographic for full size).




  • Fun Activity: What's Your Name?

    July 3, 2016

    Want to get active with your kids?

    Check out this game "Whats Your Name". Fun and easy family activity that keeps your kids active while having fun!






  • Five tips for motivating your child

    June 7, 2016

    Let's face it - being a parent is a tough job. Your children rely on you for guidance and motivation through various tasks. However, sometimes they don't seem to want to do their tasks - whether school or pretend play - so we've  compiled a list of ways you can motivate your child to learn.

    elsa frozen apron

    1. Homework Rewards:

    Homework is something most parents struggle with, often resulting to the ‘bribing’ technique. ‘Finish your homework and I will allow TV time,’ or ‘Study for half an hour and you can have that bag of chips’ are dialogues most parents are familiar with. While it sure sounds tempting, it is definitely not a good idea in the long run. Studies have shown that kids tend to lose interest in the things they do if they are not getting ‘rewarded’ for it. This can even happen with things they love, if they get used to getting a reward at the end of it.
    Quick Tip: Make sure you offer rewards for doing good work, but it's not a direct result of homework.

    2. Talk It Out

    Communication is key for adults and children. One of the best ways to motivate your child is to sit down and have a good talk. Children are curious, and love to explore new things and ideas. Take a walk, sit for an evening snack and have a small chat. Remember to keep the conversation age-appropriate and engaging.
    Quick Tip: Ask questions - why, why not, why don't you?

    3. Set Goals

    This is crucial for adults and children. As your child starts growing, you will need to start teaching them the importance of setting goals. Goals keep both adults and children motivated. Show them experts in their interests and expose them to various levels of their tasks so that they can strive to achieve.
    Quick Tip: Get your child to create a list of her short term and long term goals in a scrapbook.

    4. Celebrate

    However big or small task, celebrate your child.The idea is to appreciate the progress and make it a point to celebrate the minor and major achievements - whether receiving a B instead of C, or an A instead of B. This will make your child want to strive for more.
    Quick Tip: Keep the actual rewards, like buying a special toy, for a bigger achievement.

    5. Be Enthusiastic

    There's a reason your children love bringing you their crafts to hang on your fridge! They love showing you what they can accomplish so being excited for them goes a long way. We all get busy but showing support and enthusiasm for your child is important.
    Quick Tip: Try and accompany your child to their hobby class.

    Bonus: Be Inspiring

    You are your child's role model, especially during developing years. Make sure you practice the ideal behavior and are someone your child can turn to for inspiration.


  • Contest: WIN Meiya & Alvin Collection Infant Toy

    June 7, 2016

    Earlier, we introduced The Meiya & Alvin Collection - first ever-infant toy collection designed to promote infant development combining natural, quality materials and commitment to the environment.

    Now, we want to help put one in your hands!

    infant toy

    Our collection is uniquely designed for newborns and young children. Babies recognize and are reassured by the familiar scent and soothing touch of natural rubber. Toys are easy to grip and ideal for teething. The gentle, soft cotton of each toy in the collection is pleasing to the touch. It provides emotional comfort and reassurance, and enhances sensory awareness. Stuffing used inside our products is reclaimed from recycled plastic bottles that save energy and reduce green house gas emissions, while providing a superior alternative to natural materials, which dry poorly and have a greater risk of forming mold.

    The concept came to Mano Sheriff, a Sri Lankan woman, who envisoned a world of innocence where children can just be who they are – a world where the air, and water are clean, and the purity of childhood remains uncompromised. With that, Mano’s first picture book, “A Day at the Park with Meiya & Alvin”, and the The Meiya & Alvin Collection were born.

    The Meiya & Alvin Collection embodies the values of the world in which these adorable characters dwell. Natural, sustainable and recycled materials and manufacturing make our products safe for babies and children of all ages, and good for our world. All the products in the collection show great respect for the environment. We realize that by respecting our environment, we respect our planet and prepare it for future generations. Here’s to a better world for all our children!

    WIN Meiya the Mouse Soft Toy. 

    Our adorable Meiya the Mouse from the book, "A Day at the Park with Meiya & Alvin" has a natural rubber head, sustainably harvested from the Hevea tree, and is ideal for teething. Meiya the Mouse Soft Toy has a flower printed dress that is soft to the touch and is made from all natural cotton fibers. This toy is a winner of the Dr. Toy Best Green Award for 2015.

    meiya the mouse toy

    To win comment on this post with your favourite thing about being a parent.

    Contest extended to August 5th 9am EST 2016.

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