• Tips on raising a smart baby

    January 8, 2017

    Is there a trick to raising a smart baby? Today's Parent says yes. And it includes lots of playtime and stories.

    meiya the mouse toy
    Below are a few ideas to support your baby’s brain development.

    Pretend play
    If you want your child to be an engaged and enthusiastic learner, help him or her develop through pretend play, especially joyful pretend play. Optimal levels of dopamine in the brain are essential benefits according to child psychotherapist Margot Sunderland, director of the Centre for Child Mental Health in London, England, and author of The Science of Parenting. The way to do that is to have lots of time with eye to eye level play and to using energetic commentary. If your child is smiling and bopping, show enthusiasm with comments such as "Wow! You're jumping so high! Amazing!" If you remain silent, the joyful aspect will not be as evident and levels of dopamine won't be as built up.

    Roughhouse (gently)
    Move around with your little one. As Sunderland explains, physical play develops cognitive functioning and helps program the frontal lobes for concentration and attention, and develops new growth in the hippocampus, which is a memory system in the brain. She suggests lap or rocking games and songs like “Roly-Poly,” face-to-face games like peekaboo, hand games like patty cake and flying your little one airplane-style above your head.

    Reading to your child from a very young age will help develop a host of skills, including emotional vocabulary and building empathy.  Reading together is a great way to bond with your child, reducing aggression and anxiety.  When reading together, try labelling the characters’ emotions, which helps kids see things from another person’s perspective. So, if a person or animal in a picture book looks happy, mention it, and then smile at your baby. Take a look at our Meiya & Alvin book!


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    December 9, 2016

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  • Introducing: Bonikka Dolls

    November 12, 2016

    We are happy to introduce a new item to our collection: Bonikka Dolls from the manufacturer of Meiya & Alvin!

    bonikka dolls

    The concept for Bonikka came out of a family tradition that originated in 1895 from a simple action with great significance. The great grandfather of a Sri Lankan woman named Mano Sheriff, initially gifted a beautiful porcelain doll to his daughter; Mano’s grandmother, as she left home to begin a family of her own.

    Since receiving it as a gift from her mother, Mano has kept Monica, the precious heirloom doll, under her attentive watch. Generations later, as a Director of DSL Lanka Private Ltd., a family-owned and operated manufacturer of some of the world’s best soft toys and dolls, Mano was inspired by her family’s tradition. Through Monica, she has experienced the same sense of enduring family love and support as her grandmother did upon receiving it as a gift more than 120 years ago.

    What makes the dolls unique?

    • Hand made rag dolls

    • Tactile with different and innovative textiles

    • The dresses are machine washable. They velcro on and off.

    • Detailed stitching and embellishments

    • Easy to grip

    • With each Bonikka purchase made, a portion of the sale is donated to subsidize the living expenses of the girls housed at Viharamahadevi Centre for Child Development Centre. An orphanage located in close proximity to our the factory in Biyagama, Sri Lanka.


    • Inspired by angels and designed in the shape of a star

    • All natural rubber heads (same rubber as M&A)

    • Soft bodies filled with recycled plastic beans

    • Easy to grip

    Happy Shopping! 

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